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Clip magnetic ring production
Clip magnetic ring production

Clips-magnetic products are mainly used in computer peripherals, power cord, printer cable, monitor, digital camera, flow, vibration, communication equipment, and so on.

Clip-type magnetic rings product primary role is to prevent electromagnetic interference , filter elements , shielding effectiveness , improving the quality and speed of data transmission , such as computer peripheral cable , USB link cable and digital cameras , main specifications are F-25B,UF-30B,UF-35B,UF-50A, UF-50B,UF-65B,UF-70A,UF-70B,UF-80B,UF-90A,UF-90B,UF-100B,UF-110B,UF-1330B/G,UF-130B,UF-16138B,UF-16168B,UF-201010B,UF-241411B,UF-251215B and so on .

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