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Dongguan June rich magnetic material technology limited established Yu December 2005, company main production magnetic ring magnetic pass, and nickel zinc magnet, and nickel zinc magnetic ring, and flat magnetic ring, and assembled type magnetic ring, and anti-interference core, and runway shaped magnetic ring, and clip buckle type magnetic ring, and anti-interference magnetic ring, and row line with magnetic ring,, company has set advanced of production equipment, and research technology, and and effective of management system, for expand market for solid of bedding. Soft magnetic ferrite material is widely used in the electronics industry, for soft magnetic ferrite with high surface impedance and low Eddy current losses, better than metal materials in high and low frequency magnetic fields. According to the different needs and operating frequency of the circuit can use such cores, whether wired or wireless communications equipment, instruments, household appliances and other useful components made of soft ferrite to the entity. Dang soft magnet oxygen body core was found can effective block bursting wave miscellaneous news, while also up to attenuation high frequency miscellaneous news and inhibit from system within of interference or system and system Zhijian of interference, in different of circuit in the design out various type of core products that anti-interference of filter components, and FM adjustable spoke of components, and transmission signals of components, and inductance filter of components, and can adjustable linear inductance of components and so on, makes various core electronic components in actual circuit among to application. Yet core elements has absorbed after the individual components in a circuit noise harmonics, passed out in the heat, making its entire circuit around the various electronic components even as the conductor of the existence of objects will not produce the energy loss, eventually up to anti-interference effect....

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