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Introduction of clip-on magnetic ring
Edit:Dongguan Yufu Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-17

Introduction to the clip-on magnetic ring:

Advantages: The clip-on magnetic ring can be fixed on the wire harness without external objects.

Disadvantages: The outer diameter of the wire harness suitable for clamping the magnetic ring cannot be smaller than the inner diameter of the clamping magnetic ring.

Clip-on magnetic ring function: The buckle magnetic ring is used to reflect electromagnetic waves, thus reducing the distortion of signal transmission, not to mention affecting your audio and video quality and image. The clamp magnetic ring can be used to place various wires such as power lines, audio lines, AV lines, data lines, and the like. It improves the electromagnetic field around the electromagnetic field to avoid external interference.

Instructions for using a clamped magnetic ring: The wire harness can be wound twice better. Set the USB cable AV cable audio cable to improve signal quality and shield radiation. Especially when the mouse and keyboard are close to one end of the computer, electromagnetic radiation can be effectively suppressed.

Clip-on magnetic ring : 1. Very convenient to use. It can be placed directly on the cable that needs to be filtered. 2. Unlike other filtering methods, no grounding is required, so there are no special requirements for structural design and wiring harness. 3. When used as a common mode choke, the signal is not distorted, which is very valuable for the transmission of high frequency signals.

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