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Assembled magnetic ring
Assembled magnetic ring

Assembled type magnetic ring also said clip buckle type magnetic ring, clip buckle type magnetic ring is ferrite magnetic ring series in the of a. clip buckle type magnetic ring dedicated Yu power line, and signal line, more unit line cable Shang of EMI interference inhibit, including power line Shang of noise and pointed peak interference, while has sucking EMI absorption magnetic ring received electrostatic pulse capacity, makes electronic equipment reached electromagnetic compatible (EMI/EMC and electrostatic discharge of corresponding international specification, using Shi can will a root more core cable or a beam more unit line cable wear Yu which. more wear once can strengthening its effect. usually with 25MHz and 100MHz frequency impedance value to measure the absorption characteristics of magnetic ring magnetic beads.

Clip buckle type magnetic ring of absorption interference capacity is with its impedance characteristics to characterization of low band rendering very low of perceptual impedance value, not effect data line or signal line Shang useful signal of transmission. high frequency paragraph, about for 10MHz around began, impedance increases, its inductance components keep is small, resistance sex weight is quickly increased, will high band EMI interference energy to heat form absorption dissipation. usually with two a key points frequency 25MHz and 100MHz at resistance value to calibration EMI absorption magnetic ring/magnetic beads of absorption characteristics.

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