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Nickel-zinc magnet presentation
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Magnetic inductance: when the coil current after, form a magnetic coil, magnetic and induced to resist the current through the coil. We call this current relationship with coil called the inductive reactance, is the inductance, the unit is "Henry" (h).
Inductance coils are wires in a circle around the insulating tube, wire each insulated and insulating tube hollow, can also contain iron core or cores, known as inductors. L, Henry (h), Milli-Henry (mH), micro-Henry (uH), 1H=10^3mH=10^6uH.
Magnet inductor:
1. General inductors of low cost.
2. the use of ferrite cores.
3. high saturation current.
4. coil impregnation (varnish), pin Tin.
5. lead-free green
Rod inductors models:
R2*10 R3*10 R3*12 R3*15 R4*15 R4*20 R5*15 R5*20 R5*25 R5*30 R6*10 R6*15 R6*20 R6*25 R6*30 R8*15 R8*25 R8*30 R10*25 R10*30

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