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Definition of NI-Zn magnetic ring
Edit:Dongguan Yufu Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-07-02

Zinc-nickel magnetic loop definition :

Zinc-nickel magnetic ring is mainly composed of ferric oxide (Fe2O3), zinc oxide (ZnO), nickel oxide (NiO), copper oxide (CuO), manganese carbonate (MnCO3) content, 10%, 60%, 15%, 5%. After dosing, moulding, sintering furnace kiln formed.


Signal frequency, the higher, the more radiation, and General signal cable is not shielded layer of these signal lines becomes a good antenna, receiving various messy high frequency signals in the environment, and these signals are superimposed on the original transmitted signal, or even alter the transmission signal. In the presence of zinc-nickel magnetic ring to allow useful signals well through, and could well inhibit high-frequency interference signals through, and low prices.

Main application

Zinc-nickel magnetic products used in computer monitors LCD TVs, electric cable, flat ribbon cable line, interference filter line, communications equipment, electrical cable, power cord, USB cable series of anti-jamming performance.

A. good electrical and mechanical application of design principles

First of all, excellent EMC design is the basis of good electrical and mechanical application of design principles. These include reliability, such as design specifications meet the acceptable tolerances, good Assembly method and test technology under development. In General, the driving device of today's electronic devices to be mounted on the PCB. These devices have the potential sources of interference and electromagnetic energy-sensitive components and circuits. Therefore, anti-jamming magnetic ring is the next most important problems in EMC design. Location of active elements, printed line alignment, impedance matching, grounding design and filtering circuits shall be taken into account in the EMC design. Some PCB components and shielding is needed.

B. internal cable connections

Once again, internal cable is generally used to connect PCB or other internal components. Therefore, including wiring and internal EMC shielding design for any given device is very important for the overall EMC. Within the EMC design of PCB and cable design is complete, should pay particular attention to the case of shield design and all gaps, perforation and processing method of cable through hole.

C. power and cable filter

Finally, you should also focus on power and other cables for input and output filtering.

IV, anti-jamming magnetic rings used:

Zinc-nickel magnetic rings are often used to inhibit power cord, signal interference on the line, but also has the ability to absorb electrostatic pulses.

1, directly on one or a bunch of power supplies, signal line, interference in order to increase the absorption of energy, can be repeated around a few more laps;

2, anti-jamming magnetic ring magnetic ring with clips, anti-interference suppression applies to compensation;

3, can be easily caught in the power cable, signal cable;

4, flexible, reusable installation;

5, comes with bayonet fixed, does not affect the overall image of the device.

Test method

Zinc-nickel magnetic ring size 0.02mm with precision Vernier caliper for testing in normal lighting.

Zinc-nickel magnetic ring appearance in normal lighting conditions by Visual inspection.

Nickel-zinc integrated factor of the magnetic ring with "CF-3A-magnetic separation apparatus" measurement, excitation current is set to 2.5A, the frequency 40KHz.

Zinc-nickel magnetic core inductance with "YD2810D-LCR digital electric bridge" at 1KHz frequencies were measured.

NI-Zn induced electromotive force of magnetic ring "UI100 high frequency power source" and "UI9720 magnetic motion analysis system" under the stated conditions, were measured.

Zinc-nickel magnetic Curie point "-YD2810D LCR digital electric bridge" and measuring precision oven.

Zinc-nickel magnetic ring

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