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Runway-magnetic ring introduction
Edit:Dongguan Yufu Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-07-02

Runway-magnetic ring on:

Runway-shaped magnetic ring, also known as flat-flat magnetic magnetic ring, ring, track-type magnetic ring or wire with a magnetic ring called a lot, a lot of people in these forms for the loop, these names belong to a type, the magnetic ring is flat. Regardless of called how variable, it of characteristics and shape cannot variable, said said row line magnetic ring's, why said it for row line magnetic ring, in this aspects, for using flat shaped magnetic ring of people for, knows, no what difficult of, believes everyone see had flat shaped magnetic ring, on it of shape is think is special, that flat flat of shape is not with row line very match, on that is using in row line Shang of, so some people said it for row line magnetic ring also surprise.

Cable magnetic rings most important role is to eliminate and reduce electromagnetic interference. Because computer equipment large electromagnetic interference, especially in an environment of machine room computers more. Therefore, most of the signal lines of high-end peripherals with a magnetic ring, to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference on the peripheral data transfer. In addition, note when using the signal cable at one end connected to the PC with a magnetic ring, this effect is the best.

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