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How to choose anti-jamming magnetic ring
Edit:Dongguan Yufu Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-20

How to choose the anti-interference magnetic ring ?

The anti-jamming magnetic ring is a loss filter mainly used to suppress the conductive interference of the cable. Mainly used in computer, LAN, communications, office automation equipment, various household appliances, lighting appliances and other data lines.


Anti-interference magnetic ring, also known as ferrite magnetic ring, also known as magnetic ring , is a common anti-interference component in electronic circuits, and has a good inhibitory effect on high-frequency noise.


The electromagnetic waves radiated and leaked by electronic equipment not only seriously interfere with the normal operation of other electronic equipment, but also cause dysfunction of equipment, transmission errors, and threaten human health and safety. This is very harmful. Therefore, reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) of electronic devices has become a problem that must be considered.


In response to the above problems, it is analyzed how to accurately and reasonably select the anti-jamming magnetic ring.

1. According to the impedance characteristics of the anti-interference magnetic ring, select the corresponding impedance method.

In the case that the appearance does not affect the space of the product itself, the anti-interference magnetic ring of "as long as possible, as thick as possible, as small as possible, as small as possible inductance" is preferred.

2. Consider the cost and choose anti-interference flow.

From a convenient and quick point of view, the magnetic ring with the buckle can be attached to the filter power supply or control cable.

According to the frequency of the signal line, it can be divided into a nickel-zinc anti-interference magnetic ring and a manganese-zinc anti-interference magnetic ring.

It is recommended to use a nickel-zinc anti-interference magnetic ring to select the manganese-zinc magnetic ring at low frequency interference.

The manganese-zinc and nickel-zinc anti-interference magnetic rings are simultaneously coated on the same cable bundle, so that the interference band is widely suppressed.

When installing, pay attention to the choice of anti-jamming magnetic ring : after the anti-jamming magnetic ring, the filtered power supply or cable can make as many turns as possible, increase the inductance, and have better anti-interference effect.

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