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Method of anti-jamming magnetic ring
Edit:Dongguan Yufu Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-07-12

Method of anti-jamming magnetic ring

Anti-jamming magnetic ring

Anti-interference magnetic ring dedicated Yu power line, and signal line, more unit line cable Shang of EMI interference inhibit, including power line Shang of noise and pointed peak interference, it while has sucking EMI absorption magnetic ring received electrostatic pulse capacity, makes electronic equipment reached electromagnetic compatible (EMI/EMC) and electrostatic discharge of corresponding international standards, using Shi can will a root more core cable or a beam more unit line cable wear Yu which. Worn once more, we can strengthen its effect. Usually 25MHz and 100MHz frequency impedance value to measure the absorption characteristics of magnetic ring magnetic beads.

Anti-jamming magnetic rings/beads/clamps

Anti-jamming ability to absorb disturbances of the magnetic ring/magnetic beads is characterized with its impedance. In the perception of low frequencies with very low impedance values, without affecting the data signal transmission or signal line. At high frequencies, about 10MHz started, resistance increases, its inductive component remains very small, resistive weight is increasing rapidly, and high frequency EMI interference in the form of heat energy absorbed dissipation of energy. Usually two key frequency 25MHz calibration and 100MHz resistance to EMI/magnetic ring magnetic bead absorption characteristics.

Method of anti-jamming magnetic ring

Anti-jamming magnetic rings are often used to inhibit power cables, signal interference on the line, but also has the ability to absorb electrostatic pulses.

1, can be easily caught in the power cable, signal cable;

2, flexible, reusable installation;

3, comes with bayonet fixed, does not affect the overall image of the device;

4, directly on one or a bunch of power supplies, signal line, interference in order to increase the absorption of energy, can be repeated around a few more laps;

5, EMI with installation clip magnetic, anti-interference suppression applies to compensation;

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