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Anti-jamming magnetic core
Anti-jamming magnetic core

Cylindrical shaped anti-interference magnetic ring core has many species called, as anti-interference magnetic ring, and absorption magnetic ring, and shield magnetic ring, and ferrite magnetic ring, and EMI/EMC magnetic ring, according to market on EMI anti-interference magnetic ring of needs, manufacturers and development has different performance and the specifications of anti-interference magnetic ring, as magnetic Feng electronic production of anti-interference magnetic ring on has directly buckle in wire Shang with plastic shell of WRC/WF magnetic ring, for flat FPC row line using of FS runway type magnetic ring, also has using in power adapter in of plug-in series with magnetic beads inductance, Users are most commonly used in the wire-end of RH/T injection of circular magnetic loop and so on. the magnetic ring is able to play a role in filtering and filter out high-frequency noise.

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